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About us

In today's competitive fast moving world private business jet is not the luxury but the need of the hour for the individuals who believe the time is money. Leo Air Charter Services aims to offer client a comfortable and luxurious air services and make your journey stress free. We offer various aircraft to suit group size and budget. We also customize parts of the flight to suit your group. Besides this we ensure that you fly from the airport of your choice. Aircraft charter gives you to the flexibility to travel to the smallest airbase including the remote regional areas.

Executive Jets are chartered for a number of reasons
Private Jet Charter optimizes high value time by avoiding airline check-in procedures and delays. Point to point flights may be made.
Corporate Jet Charter allows greater flexibility in schedule and choice of destination. Local airports closer to the destination may be utilized.
Executive Jet Charter significantly reduces costs like hotels, meals, airport parking, rental cars, etc. due to shorter itineraries.
Private Jet Charter increases productivity. Lack of interruptions allows the client to work onboard the aircraft.
Executive Jet Charter allows personal selection of co-passengers adding to comfort and security.
Corporate Jet Charter is useful when a one-day trip is required being a faster and more convenient mode of travel, with more of appointments in different cities completing in a day.